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A bit of history! - Left-Handers Day 2002

We have been holding a Left-Handers Day event for the past 11 years, yet are still overwhelmed by the attention and support it receives (not to mention the work it generates!) and we are all rather shell-shocked for a few days afterwards. The report below was on 2002, which was certainly a great success!

Our own stand in London's Leicester Square was an exciting change of venue, as we traditionally hold the event in Covent Garden, but it proved to be just as popular and we were delighted to welcome so many of you who came down to visit us!

Our display stand and banners in London's Leicester Square 13 Aug 2002

As you know, the aim of the day is to raise awareness of left-handers needs, highlight right-handed bias and encourage consideration of us in future product design. The best way to achieve this is through media attention, and we could not have wished for better coverage from the radio, TV and newspapers. Lauren personally gave 29 radio interviews before midday and had practically lost her voice by teatime!! Some dear friends of ours in the U.S. were excited to see our stand featured on the CNN news and, closer to home, ITN covered the event for the early evening news bulletin.

Lauren being interviewed for ITV news

Another interview for CNN news

A cameraman moves in for a close-up of the stand

Through these channels we were able to highlight the concerns you, our members, have voiced over awkward and even dangerous products, such as hand held power tools and heavy machinery, the disadvantage of left-handed children completing badly designed multiple choice papers for important exams, which many of you have encountered, and the risk of RSI in the workplace.

A crowd gathers around our stand

Throughout the day our stand attracted a steady swarm of visitors, curious to try out the left-handed gadgets on display, to lend their support to our campaign, or get some advice on handwriting from our experts. We had entertainers and traditional fairground games to add to the festive feel of the day - but all with a left-hand theme of course! Many tried and failed to win the left-handed hoopla, hit the rat and other such games, whilst our left-handed entertainer Thom Costall battled valiantly against the London noise to entertain the crowds with his busking.

The statue of famous left-hander Charlie Chaplin joined in the fun by holding
one of our Club balloons for the day (were we allowed to do that?)

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel it was tremendously worthwhile. It was wonderful to know that elsewhere around the country, and indeed around the world, Left-Handers Club members were holding other events to celebrate Left-Handers Day and hopefully enjoying the experience too. From a radio station in Inishowen, Ireland that celebrated with games and competitions throughout the day, to a Japanese Beer Importer making their pub a "lefty zone" where only the left hand could be used, you certainly showed your creativity in unusual events!

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