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Reverse Auction for FrogPad keyboards

We have two left-handed FrogPads to auction and we want to add a bit of fun by making it a "reverse" auction.

The two LOWEST UNIQUE bids above £20.00 will win the FrogPads - one each.

All you have to do is make a bid above £20.00 and choose a figure that you think NO-ONE ELSE will bid. For example, if we receive the following bids:


The FrogPads will go to the bids at £20.21 and £21.35 as they are the two lowest amounts that are unique bids.

There is no cost for bidding and a limit of one bid per person. We must have a valid email address to contact you with and we will close the auction at the end of Friday 20th August then notify the winner by email. You will just pay the price you bid by credit card and we will pay the delivery cost to anywhere in the world!

Please place your bid by submitting the form below:

First name
Email address
Your bid (just numbers, e.g. 21.36)
all bids are in UK Pounds Sterling
minimum bid is £20.00


Thankyou for your bid and good luck!

You will be returned to the FrogPad information page and should receive a confirmation email soon.


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