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Sorry - this game is over for 2004, but we'll be doing it again next year!

These pictures of five famous left-handers have been hidden among the products on the Anything Left-Handed website. Using the cryptic clues below, search the product pages to find which product we have matched to which famous lefty.


[Click here] to open the online shop at Anything Left-Handed in a new window. Read the clues below and search the products to find ones that may match - you will see the person's picture by the correct product. Once you find the picture, record the person's name and the product code in the boxes below, then go to the next clue. (hint - keep the second window for the online shop open and you can use it for each of the clues) 

Once you have solved all the clues, click the “submit” button to send us your entry and have a chance to win ALL THE PRODUCTS in the answers in our prize draw!

Good luck and HAPPY HUNTING!


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Clue 1

An essential tool of the trade for this Corporate Giant

Celebrity's Name:
Product Code:

***** If you haven't already opened the online shop window, click here now *****
then keep the second window open as you will need it for the other clues!

Clue 2

With an edge as sharp as his tongue, we hope this item would keep our celebrity chef happy!

Celebrity's Name:
Product Code:

Clue 3

Fan these, and left-handers will be able to see them properly ..... as if by magic!

Celebrity's Name:
Product Code:

Clue 4

If he had been given one of these, this musical icon would not have developed his famous technique.

Celebrity's Name:
Product Code:

Clue 5

Just the thing for the leftie green fingers of this celebrity gardener.


Celebrity's Name:
Product Code:

Thank you for taking part in the Celebrity Hot Hand Hunt. We hope you enjoyed it !
To finish your Prize Draw entry please press the SUBMIT button below and you will see a confirmation that your entry has been received - good luck!

The correct answers to this quiz together with the names of the winner will be included in our Club Newsletter. If you are already a Club member, please join after you have submitted your form using the "Join Club" item on the top menu.

The winner will be picked from the correct answers at random on 20th August 2004. The winner will be notified via the email address supplied and prize delivery arrangements confirmed at that time. The judges decision is final.

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