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Some researchers claim that we are more intelligent and eloquent that our right-handed counterparts. In tests conducted by Dr. Alan Searleman from St Lawrence University in New York, he found that left-handers can be considerably more intellectually gifted. There were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people - which is the "genius" bracket. This is perhaps why there are more "lefties" in creative professions - such as music, art and writing - and more left-handed astronauts and leaders than would be expected.

To see the results of our survey where we investigated a link between being left-handed and the choices people make in work and other activities, click here

We have also spoken to MENSA, the society for people with high IQs (Intelligence Quotient, showing tested intellingence relative to the normal level of 100 - you need to have a tested IQ of over 140 to join MENSA). They told us that they do not keep records of their members' handedness but were willing to give as a Mini Quiz for our visitors to try, but please note that this is not an IQ TEST. For more information on IQ tests and the Mensa Organisation, visit their website at: www.mensa.org.uk

MINI QUIZ - Just for fun!
(if you are really stuck, you can link to the answers at the bottom of this page)

1. What number is missing from this sequence?

4   9   16   25   36   ?   64

2. Which four letter word can be attached to the beginning of the following words to form five longer words?


3. Rearrange the letters of 'ANY TIME' to give a seven letter word. What is it?

4. Replace the blanks in this sentence with two three letter words. The same three letters must be used for both words. What are they?

The woman decided to BLANK a well-known firm of solicitors to BLANK for compensation.

5. What is the value of the top row of the grid?

6. If FP = 10 and HX = 16 what does DS = ?

7. What number should replace the question mark?

8. What letter should appear next in this sequence?

L   K   J   H   ?

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