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We are undertaking the biggest ever survey of left-handedness in various Groups of people to find out what advantages and disadvantages left-handers have and how it affects their choices and success of career, sports, social activities and other lifestyle choices.

We want as many individuals and group organisers as possible to complete the survey so we have a large sample to analyse and give reliable results. Please complete the survey yourself and ask other people you know if they would be willing to do it as well.

If you want a printed form that will help you collect responses from people in your group that you can then summarise on your survey, you can obtain one here (download pdf document).

If you are active in more than one "group" please complete a separate survey for each group, e.g. if you are an Architect who runs a football team and a car club, please fill out the survey once for each group

All information provided for this survey will be kept strictly confidential.

Click here to see the results of the survey so far

Your title
First name
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Are you left-handed ?
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Please select the group title that is closest to your own group, or choose "Other" and give us details below so that we can add a new group to our list

Detailed description of group

Description of your specific group within the general heading, for example: XYZ school under 15 football team, London office of Bloggs & co. solicitors etc

Do you think left-handers have any advantage or disadvantage for your group activity compared to right-handers in your group?
What is it that gives left-handers this advantage or disadvantage
Do you think there are more or less left-handers in your group than the 10% population average
Total number of people in your group
Number of left-handers in the group
Do you have any other comments or relevant figures
Are there any other groups of people that you think would be interested in taking part in this survey?
Please give email addresses separated by a comma for anyone you know who we should send details of the survey


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