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Sorry - this competition is over for 2004, but you can still complete it for fun if you like!

Were so pleased you've joined us to celebrate Left-Handers Day, and to make it more fun ,we have put together this great quiz that will help you discover some fascinating facts (and fiction!) about left-handedness and give you the chance to win a brilliant new ergonomic pen!

For instance, did you know that the technical term for left-handed is Sinistral, which comes from the Latin word sinister, meaning "threatening or suggesting evil or harm"? This was because the left-hand side was considered by Roman Augurers (prophets) to be the unlucky one - a superstition that was to spawn many weird rituals and prejudices that have surrounded left-handedness through the ages.

And If you thought there was nothing more to being left-handed than how you write .... think again! Being left-handed affects your way of thinking, how you solve problem, play sports, even your strengths and weaknesses, as you are about to find out ...

We have 6 Executive Yoropens to give away to the lucky winners (worth £30.00 each) and 50 runners up will each receive a Yoropen disposable ballpoint (worth £3.00) so join in the quiz to discover just how much you know about the secret world of the sinistral ....!


The answers to the following questions are all given in the information pages of the Anything Left-Handed website. Read the questions, then search the site to find out more. When you have the answer, tick the correct button from the possible options, and move along! Don't forget to submit your entry at the end, otherwise you will not be included in our left-handed prize draw. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Question 1

Who was the first left-hander to walk on the moon?

Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin
Mike Collins

***** If you have not already opened the Anything Left-Handed web site, click here to open it in a new window so you can search for the answers. Hint - keep the second window open as you will need it for the other questions!

Question 2

Which famous historical couple were both left-handed?

Adam and Eve
Napoleon Boneparte and Josephine de Beauharnais
Ronald and Nancy Reagan
John McEnroe and Tatum O'Neil

Question 3

'Southpaw' is a popular American term for a left-hander, but from which sport is it derived?


Question 4

Which ancient tribe considered left-handedness a sign of good luck, believing the left was the older and wiser hand?


Question 5

According to an ancient superstition, what does it mean if the palm of your left hand itches?

You are about to fight your enemy
You will soon lose the strength in your left arm
You are going to have to part with money
Your cuffs are too long

Question 6

Which of the following have historically be pictured as left-handed, as superstition dictated that left-handedness was a sign of evil?

Robin Hood
Joan of Arc
Adolf Hitler

Question 7

Which custom, originating in The United Kingdom, and adopted by many of her former dominions, is believed to have started so that horse riders could use their whips in the right-hand to fend off other road users?

Driving on the left side of the road
Jockeys cannot hold whip in left hand when horseracing
Compulsory right hand use of the mallet when playing Polo.

Question 8

Which unusual writing skill, which many left-handers naturally possess, was regularly practiced by left-handers Lewis Carroll and Leonardo da Vinci.

Mirror Writing

Question 9

Which item on the following list is NOT available in a left-handed version from the Anything Left-Handed website?

Telephone handset
Computer Keyboard

Question 10

Which association, founded by an English Lord, adopted the left-handed handshake among its group members?

Automobile Association
Rugby Union
Boy Scouts
British Medical Association

Thank you for taking part in the Sinister Quiz. We hope you enjoyed it - and learned a lot too!
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Winners will be picked on 20th August 2004 from the people with all 10 correct answers . The winners will be notified via the email address supplied and delivery arrangements for prizes confirmed at that time. The judges decision is final. Our sincere thanks to Yoropen for sponsoring this quiz.

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